How to Make a Raspberry Pi-Powered Twitter Bell Ringer

23613Published On Oct 18,2016 17:57 PMshare3
Originally written from Sean Tibor

We saw Chase Bank's small business promotion to"Ring the Morning Bell for Small Business"and realized that this was a perfect opportunity to make a social media tie-in to the physical world using the emerging Internet of Things (IoT). The result was aRaspberry Pi system that rang a bell every time the hashtag #RingTheMorningBell was detected on Twitter.  
Here's the step by step instructions for how we did it, using a Raspberry Pi 2, NodeRED, a microservo, and the hammer from a Don't Break The Ice game.

Step 1: Parts List

Step 2: Testing and Electronic Assembly

Step 3: Update NodeRED to use JohnnyFive for Servo Control

Step 4: Create the NodeRED Flow

Step 5: Build the Mechanical Hardware

Step 6: Pulling it all Together


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