How to Use Linkit 7697 to Establish Intelligent Temperature Monitoring Platform

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After the rise of the Internet of Things, MediaTek Labs has focused on four key technical areas of the Internet of Things: wearable devices, smart homes, smart positioning and M2M. And MediaTek continues to innovate a variety of system-on-chip (SoCs) to improve processing power in order to apply to more complex situations in the Internet of Things.Especially in the application of smart home technology, security, power, customization and convenience of different development chips, to solve multi-oriented issues, but also it provides a secure Wi-Fi communication capabilities, and  the establishment of security mechanisms to connect with the Internet and a variety of peripheral connections of the cloud platform in series.\

The previous generation of Linkit Smart 7688 / DUO both the server and the client's powerful features and easy to use development environment,it is a highly accepted version of a development board now. However, many Maker require small, fast, and poorly functioning, purely client-side development boards, when building networking devices. Finally, MediaTek Labs re-launched Linkit 7697 this development board, so that Maker can quickly develop a meet the needs of the Internet of things device. 

In the intelligent home networking technology, home temperature monitoring isn't only the most basic,but also the most critical core technology, because people-centered smart home, is committed to creating a comfortable environment,and comfort often depends on the temperature of the feelings,So this article uses Linkit 7697 development board to establish the Internet temperature and humidity monitoring station, so that all members of the family through the Internet to get fast, correct temperature and humidity information.

Connect the Linkit 7697 development board to the Internet

Connect to the wireless base station via WiFi module

Assembly temperature and humidity module circuit

Install the temperature and humidity module library

Temperature and humidity module basic test


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