How to Prototype Without Using Printed Circuit Boards

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When I learned how to build ‘one-off’ projects thirty years ago, I used the"wire wrapping"technique. Back then, I had access to an electronics shop with a $100 wire wrapping gun, kynar wire and a supply of wire wrap IC sockets. At home, however, with limited resources and no wire wrap gun, I had to make do, so I developed a technique that uses perfboard, kynar wire and solder that results in a neat, quick to assemble and very dependable electronic board.

Assuming you've developed your design on a breadboard and made a schematic, the steps to build your circuit board are:

1.  Place your components on the circuit board
2.  Plan the wiring on the board using a Perfboard Layout Planning Sheet
3.  Connect the components using Kynar wire

Step 1 What You'll Need

Step 2 Place your components on the circuit board

Step 3 Make your wiring plan

Step 4 Connect the components using Kynar wire...

Step 5 Measure and cut the wire

Step 6 Make loops around the wire ends

Step 7 Crimp the loops over the pins, then solder them

Step 8 Testing your work


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