How to Print a Cup With Clay 3D Printer at Home

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Traditional 3D printers use materials that are ABS, PLA, or light-cured resins. The printed model is primarily used as a product prototype for testing the feasibility of a product, or an ornamental model for viewing. If you want to get a daily use of the cup, bowl or shade and other daily necessities, then need to go to the clay model studio to learn the hand-kneading model, after firing can be obtained.

I would like to be able to quickly make a cup at home, but do not want to go to clay model studio. Would like to be able to use the 3D printer to quickly print a cup, firing it, I can get the cup I want. But the market is mostly expensive clay printer, the volume is very large, can not buy enough options. So I designed a clay 3D printer by myself.

3D printer design process is too complicated, a lot of information is not organized, this time to simply mention the design process. Next time I will write a tutorial to describe the detailed process of designing a clay 3D printer. This instructable show how to use clay 3D printer to make a cup that can be used to drink water.

Prepare Materials

Design a 3D Printer

Design Your Cup

Load the Clay

Print the Cup

Fire the Cup

Drink With Your Cup


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