Hotshoe GPS-IMU

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This is a modular Xadow system, can be used as a wearable to track GPS position and steps or ideally used during a photography session to add global context to the individual photographs. Most recent Nikon cameras have the ability to directly geo-tag images using streaming data from the serial port. Nikon branded hotshoe GPS's cost around $500. Third-party modules cost around $300. This Xadow based solution can be implemented with a lot of bells and whistles for around $200.

Step by Step Introduction


Xadow - Barometer
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Xadow - GPS
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Xadow - M0 mbed enabled ARM Cortex-M0 board for Rapid Prototyping
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Xadow - OLED 0.96''
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Xadow - BLE
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Xadow - IMU 9DOF
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