Homunculus The Mechanical Mystical Oracle

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Originally written by r570sv

Ok - so what is this supposed to be… the back story on this I tell people is that the skull is from a 19th century mystic who’s grave was robbed and that his skull that ended up in some carnival side show back in the early 1900s. I found it in a basement of some run down Victorian house and re-constructed the prop into a 21st century fortune teller – ‘who can reach out into the ether of the internet, tell you your fortune, who your friends and enemies are, tell a joke and read my email and calendar for the day’.

What is it really is - Well it’s the amazing Jasper software running on a Raspberry pi and I’ve made a 2 channel talking Linburg skull that is doing the talking along with a lot of bells and whistles (and a tambourine) to add to it.

This was a super ambitious project. Lots of different medias to work with – multiple pies, wood working, painting, lots of wiring, lots of coding in python, ardunio coding, lots of small wiring, 120v wiring, pi ‘hats’ external boards, relay drivers and relays, 24v power supplies, making things move – a skull with 2 axis and the tambourine banging.

I’m not going into super detail on piece by piece basis for of each part, especially the python coding but I’ll try to describe each component briefly and include pictures.

Also, on the Python examples – yes I could have been much more object-orientated on the coding but my Python experience when I started the project was pretty basic and of course its easier to cut and paste when you’re in a hurry vs. stopping what you’re doing, re-write it correctly then continue.

Step 1: Major Components – Things I had to find/get/buy

Step 2: ​Why Two Raspberry Pies?

Step 3: ​How Do the Two Pies Communicate?

Step 4: ​Python Threads

Step 5: ​Jasper & Jasper Modifications

Step 6: ​Adding two Axis’s to the Skull

Step 7: ​Adaifruit Hat Servo Driver

Step 8: ​Relay Board

Step 9: ​Teensy and the Eyes

Step 10: ​Tambourine

Step 11: Plasma Lamp

Step 12: ​How to Make the 120v Light Flicker

Step 13: ​The Platform/Table

Step 14: The Rest

Step 15: ​Assembly/Tuning/Tweaking


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