Homemade cardboard Emosilla with Kids #holiday

Recently in an event where there were exhibitions of maker projects and 3d printers, I was provided a small model of emosilla, printed in balsa wood (very thin), when I tried to assemble broke some parts but I could put it together well, so quize replicate it with something else strong and resilient, in fact emosilla project is designed to do it with thick wood, but I have not a 3D printer of those, so quize replicate it with cardboard that I have saved (including some boxes seeed). And why not, do it on a larger scale, so that it is functional (my child can sit).

This is the Emosilla, that I recevied as gift, very thin really


taking a mold in a blank paper


assembling for test

Now replicating on cardboard

ready for cut

putting colour with kids !

kids really love assemble this things

the homemade cardboard Emosilla finished! :D

laurencehrJul 06,2016 13:43 PMAdd Comment


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