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Hey guys , who else ever had an idea of make your own computer cooling fans(external ones)?

hey everybody, i have a computer which served me for like 3+ years,every time when i am in the Summoners' Rift( LoL you know) it would make really unbearable noise and produce much heat,( it is going to meet its end of the road), but due to my low salary, i couldn't afford a brand new one right now,(second -hand could be a choice but i would like to try something different now;-)),so is it proper to buy a fan like this one : for instance, not this one specificlly)

or just buy a authentic electric fan?  i have the slightest inkling of how to fix it totally by myself so here i am, BTW, i do not figure where subject to put this , so just let it be unclassified zone, hope it could be exposed to some pros, anyway, if you see this, please leave your personal advice and any thought be valued...

many thanks, just take this as a discussion will also do me a good favor. 

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