Halloween Pumpkin

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Halloween is an autumn holiday that celebrate every year. In the “holy evening”, lovely children pick large orange pumpkins and carry bags from house to house saying “Trick or treat! Money or eat”. The grown-ups put treat-money or candy in their bags with a smile. However, the burning candle inside the pumpkins is always a danger. Don’t worry. Our cool play makers have made a Halloween Pumpkin with Techbox Tricks.There is a light-control switch in the Halloween Pumpkin, which can check light in the circumstance. The colorful lights can be turned on automatically in the dark and turned off when there is a light source.

Step by Step Introduction


Grove – Infrared Emitter
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Grove – Universal 4 Pin Buckled Cables
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Logic DC Jack (Mainboard) from Techbox Tricks
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Grove – Light Sensor
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9V to Barrel Jack Adapter
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