HD44780 LCD to I2C adapter board for the Bus Pirate

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Cheap character LCDs based on the HD44780 chipset come in a variety of sizes: 2x16, 4x20, etc. These displays have two standard interface modes, 4bit and 8bit parallel. 8bit requires a total of 11 data lines, 4bit requires 7 (6 for write-only). Some LCDs support an additional serial data mode, like the VFD I covered at Hack a Day.

HD44780 LCDs are generally 5volt parts with a separate supply for the back light. The Bus Pirate only has five 5volt tolerant I/O pins, so we made a small adapter board with enough pins to control the LCD. The Bus Pirate controls the adapter board through its LCD interface library.

Continue reading about the Bus Pirate HD44780 character LCD adapter board and interface library.

I can have PCBs, kits, or assembled kits produced by Seeed Studio for about $15, including worldwide shipping, more here.

I couldn't include some formatting elements and HTML tables in an Instructable, you can see the original post at the Dangerous Prototypes blog.

Step 1 Hardware

Step 2 Connections

Step 3 Step 1. Setup library

Step 4 Step 2. Reset and initialization

Step 5 Step 3. Write test characters

Step 6 Step 4. Clear LCD

Step 7 Step 5. Type text

Step 8 Step 6. Reading from the LCD

Step 9 Doing more


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