Free Dynamic DNS Server with Esp8266 and OSD FOSCAM Webcam Interface

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Make your own DDNS Server to access your home internet devices, no paid service needed!

Control Foscam Cameras from your phone, with on-screen controls. Vote for it if you like!

This setup comes under $10, and does this job for free!

The Foscam Camera interface included, works on Any Browser and Any Device, even on 3G Connection on your phone, no external app needed. Password protected.

Shows online Foscam cameras in separate windows, fast and flawless with full control.

I am not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this project, by any means. Use it at your own risk!

Share it for free!


- A Web server running PhPwithdomain name.

- One Esp8266 ESP-01 modules

- Two instant push buttons

- Two 2k2 Pull up Resistors or similar

- USB-TTL breakout adapter for programming the ESP with some female wire jumpers

- One Ams1117 3.3v Voltage Regulator - To reduce 5v to 3.3 for the ESP module.

- 5v 1A or Preferably 2A old Power Supply

Option 1: A power supply fastened with screws and room enough, so you can fit the ESP module inside it.

Option 2: A power supply with female usb connector, in this case you will have to use a male usb conector attached to the board to plug outside the power supply.

-One broken Pendrive stick

- Updated Arduino IDE Installed

- Optional: Foscam Cameras to operate from the web interface

To be implemented:

-Blinking led, to show update success and waiting to update states.

-Internal server resolving Wan IP. The present version connects to external site to obtain ip:

Step 1: Preparing The ESP-01 module for programming

Step 2: Prepare the 3.3v / 5v General Porpose Power Supply

Step 3: Connecting ESP-01 to USB-TTL adapter and 3.3 Voltage

Step 4: Setting up The files on Web Host

Step 5: Router and Foscam Cameras Setup

Step 6: Coding and programming the ESP8266 module w/ arduino

Step 7: Making the Device Stand Alone


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