Emergency Button for 7$, Arduino, WIFI and ESP8266

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There are a lot of projects today trying to help aged people to stay more independent. As my grandmother is now 95 and she still lives by herself in her apartment, I wanted to check how I could help her staying at her place as long as possible.

One of the main problems for old age people is keeping their balance while walking. It is getting more and more difficult to move, and if they fall down it's very complicated to get back up. My family is calling my grandmother every evening to check for this kind of problem. There are some emergency buttons that can help, but you often have an expensive monthly payment for the call center. In addition, most old people don't like to wear some gray plastic technologies around their neck.

So my question is :

How to make a device cheap, reliable, easy to integrate, discret and with no monthly payment?

Step 1: How does it work

Step 2: Part list

Step 3: Programming your board

Step 4: Software

Step 5: Device Board Assembly

Step 6: Prototype Board Assembly

Step 7: Battery Management

Step 8: Covering

Step 9: How to improve the project

Step 10: Conclusion


WiFi Serial Transceiver Module w/ ESP8266
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