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  LinkIt 7697is a the latest development board andreleased by MediaTek and Seeed,combined Wi-Fi with low power Bluetooth (BLE) communication technology,mainly used in end point device of the Internet of things applications. In order to reduce  the threshold oflearning and development of maker and beginner, MTK not only developed specifically for MediaTek Cloud System (MCS) Arduino Library, but also released development software BlocklyDuino with MCS function graphical ,it is very suitable for teaching as school networking courses, italso as a IOTdevice forquickly developing the use of MCS .

Main specifications

*MT7697 chipset based on ARM Cortex-M4 , frequency 192MHz

*Support 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi

*Support Bluetooth 4.2 LE

*352 KB RAM

*4 MB external flash memory

*Interfaces: GPIO, UART, I2C, SPI, PWM, EINT, ADC, IrDA, and I2S

*Provide the SWD debug interface circuit

*Use LinkIt SDK development,  support GCC, IAR Embedded Workbench, and Keil uVision IDE usage guide

Understanding the LinkIt 7697 development environment

LinkIt 7697 provides a variety of ways for development, the first isthe Arduino development environment, which is continutionof  the LinkIt series  before, as long as the host has Arduino IDE;Thesecond is  GNU environment, which is applicable for using LinkIt 7697 SDK C/C++ to compile the source code, the third is , use visual development tools LinkIt 7697 BlocklyDuino editor,it translates graphical commands into Arduino code, and finallyusingArduino IDE writes 7697 . The user can according to their own needs,and then choose which way to develop  ,  we introduce the following installation steps of the development environment, but first of all, please install the good hardware driver.

Installing hardware drivers

1. access to this connection,according to your operating system to download the driver, We using Win10, Download Download VCP (5.3 MB) (Default).

2. extract the downloaded file, according your operating system to install the driver, follow the steps to select (not sure if your computer is x86 or x64, can refer to this article, if it is 32 x86, 64 x64).

3. after connecting the 7697to the computer, enter the console's device manager. If the ports (COM and LPT) have Silicon Labs CP210x.....Bridge, it means the installation is successful.

First, use Arduino IDE to develop 7697

Second, use 7697 BlocklyDuino Editor

Third, LinkIt 7697, SDK

How to Use Flash Tool to write compiled code


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