ESP8266 and Air Quality sensor

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While exploring the world of connected things (a.k.a. #IoT) the ESP8266 popped up as an new platform for measuring and sensing data - making Things becoming more relevant. SENSable Things are starting to sense our environment, while feeding data to a cloud the question comes up: what should I read out of the values?

Did you know that VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are emitted by bread? Fresh bread smells not only to us - it has a meaning to VOC sensors, fresh bread smell like value 170! Or can you sense  the air in your house - when and how long you should open windows? ...

Even we build on ESP8266 the first prototype was on BLE /"Platinchen"

But let's first dig into the hardware part:

Not going to cover the ESP8266 wiring, there are tons of good tutorials out in the web
Wiring FTDI 3.3V and Grove Air Quality Sensor to ESP8266 E12

Adafruit ESP8266 E12 SMT board

Installation of ESP8266 tool chain on Raspberry Pi

Flash the NODEmcu firmware


Grove - Air quality sensor
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