DIY a Retro Wooden Lamp with BBG

45141Published On Apr 04,2010 01:41 AMshare1
You can built so many beautiful things with wooden and laser cutter. And it will much more better if add some electric modules, we call it the combination of electronic and art.Here I will share my latest creation, a wooden lamp that the color controlled by a 3-Axis Accelerator. It’s a very funny way to change the color of the lamp. Different location of the lamp will create different colors.Thanks to the open hardware, you can make it even if you are a newbie to electrical. Just a few steps, and you can make it out. Now let go for make.

Step by Step Introduction


Grove - Chainable RGB LED
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BeagleBone Green
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Grove Starter Kit for BeagleBone Green
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Grove - Button
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Grove - I2C ADC
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Grove - I2C Hub
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