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Cracked Grove wifi module

Seeed support is not what is used to be. It seems that moderators and technical support no longer look at these pages and answer queries. I could not get the Grove wifi module to work but since I purchased four of them there was quite an incentive to figure it out. My goal was to configure the Grove wifi module into both station and AP wifi modes. Thanks to an almost identical architecture from Sparkfun ( ESP8266 WiFi Shield Hookup Guide at I discovered that the Seeed firmware is based on an old configuration and the correct AT instruction for pairing to an existing home AP is not  AT+CWJAP_DEF="SSID,"PW"but AT+CWJAP="SSID","PW".  

The advice from Seeed is to use Espressif System current documentation on the chip and this is incorrect. One good thing about Seeed's hardware is that they provide a voltage regulator and protection of the ESP8266 chip. It saved me on many occasions as I went from different Arduino hardware configurations. Also good is the Grove cabling system - it lets you hook up hardware very quickly. In comparison with the Sparkfun version, you have to solder the connectors of the shield yourself. I did find the suggestion from Seeed to use a UARTBee to simplify the coms great rather than trying to do everything with initially with Arduino coms to the ESP8266. 

It is strange that Seeed provide only two examples of using the Grove wifi module. One on the wiki at is complicated but works. The second example involves attempting to turn on and off the Blue LED on the Grove wifi module (Ref: ). Again the AT instructions for this operation are incorrect and not documented yet despite over 3330 views on the website the issue was never resolved. So what are the correct instructions for turning on the blue LEDs? 

Issues for Seeed: 

1) answer technical queries and support customers as you did a year ago, 

2) provide examples that are relevant - use 'unit testing' for examples of critical functions not just cute examples, 

3) check documentation that you recommend.

4) fix the website as it was a year ago so that media include photos can be downloaded

Next stage for me - I have already started to write an Arduino sketch for this module and so far it works on the Arduino Mega. To code the above instruction on Arduino use:

char wifi_cmd[] ="AT+CWJAP =\"SSID\",\"PW\""



to replace similar instructions on the default demo example.

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