Bus Pirate 3EEPROM explorer board

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If you've got one of Hack a Day's Bus Pirates, what do you do with it? Learn about 1-wire,I2C, and SPI EEPROMs with the 3EEPROM explorer board (we call it the THR-EE-PROM).

EEPROM is a type of memory chip that stores data without a continuous power supply. It's useful for permanent data storage in small logger circuits, or holding custom pages in a mini web server. EEPROMs come in lots of sizes and protocols.

The 3EEPROM has three common EEPROM chips: the DS2431(1-Wire),24AA-(I2C), and 25AA-(SPI). All three were previously demonstrated on Hack a Day, but each demo uses a different version of the Bus Pirate hardware and firmware, its difficult for a beginner to follow using a Bus Pirate v2go.

Continue reading for an updated, step by step guide to using the DS2431, 24AA-, and 25AA- EEPROMs with the Bus Pirate v2go. We've also got the full session logs as text files so you won't miss a single detail.

We can have 3EEPROM explorer board PCBs or kits produced at Seeed Studio. PCBs are about $10, kits are about $15, shipped worldwide. We need to organize a group purchase of 10 PCBs or 20 kits to get started. If you're interested in a Bus Pirate, version 3 is coming.

I couldn't include some formatting elements and HTML tables in an Instructable, you can see the original post at the Dangerous Prototypes blog.

Step 1 3EEPROM hardware overview

Step 2 25AA- / 25LC- SPI EEPROM

Step 3 24AA- / 24LC I2C EEPROM

Step 4 DS2431 1-Wire EEPROM

Step 5 Conclusion


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