Build Google Assistant on Raspberry Pi in 30minutes with ReSpeaker Mic Array

54701Published On Jun 22,2017 16:07 PMshare1

With ReSpeaker Mic Array, now we can build Google Assistant on Raspberry Pi !!!
Hotword detection(means that you can directly talk to it from 2 meters away), cool LEDs(diy) and easy installation(no jump wire need and more portable), it is worthy for you to make one for yourself. Own your own Artificial intelligence assistant from now on:) 

What we need?

Raspberry Pi(with network connected)                  *1
Respeaker Mic Array with audio jack                     *1
sd card with raspberry pi image                             *1
earphone or speaker with 3.5mm audio cable       *1
usb cable                                                                *2 
PC or Mac  

Install Google Assistant Library on your Raspberry Pi

Download our GitHub


Run Google Assistant


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