Bluetooth Device Detection with the BeagleBone Green Wireless

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In this short tutorial, you will learn how to setup the BeagleBone Green Wireless (BBGW) for Bluetooth use and create a simple Python script that will trigger an LED to light up when a known Bluetooth-capable device (such as your phone or fitness band) comes within sensing range.

This demo should be used as a simple starting place for creating systems that require the ability to track or sense known users by their handheld Bluetooth devices.

Possible applications include:

  • Work Tracking (How many hours do you spend at your desk?)
  • Triggering Smart Home Hardware (e.g. Turn off lights when you leave your house.)
  • Simple Device-aware Games (Reward people for returning to your business/hackerspace with points similar to FourSquare or Jiepang)

Device Setup


Hardware Setup

Time to Code!

Where to go from here


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