BBGW starter tutorial#1 The breath LED

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This series of tutorials aims at teaching the starters to use some Grove modules to realize their interesting ideas with BeagleBone Green Wireless(BBGW). The tutorials are based on Python and mraa/upm library. We assume that you have already got started with BBGW and Python. If you don’t ,please visit first.

Mraa is a C/C++ library with bindings to Python, Javascript and Java to interface with the I/O on BBGW and other platforms, with a structured and sane API where port names/numbering match with the board that you are on. Use of libmraa does not tie you to specific hardware with board detection done at runtime you can create portable code that will work across the supported platforms.
The intent is to make it easier for developers and sensor manufacturers to map their sensors & actuators on top of supported hardware and to allow control of low level communication protocol by high level languages & constructs.
UPM is a high level repository for sensors that uses MRAA. Each sensor links to MRAA and is not meant to be interlinked although some groups of sensors may be. Each sensor contains a header which allows to interface with it. Typically a sensor is represented as a class and is instantiated.
The constructor is expected to initialise the sensor and parameters may be used to provide identification/pin location on the board.
Mraa and UPM are already installed in the system image of BBGW, so you do not need to install it again. However if you want to update the library, or want to port or upgrade the library, use apt-get update and apt-get upgrade  please. Refer to and for more information.

This tutorial is to introduce how the Grove Base Cape for Beaglebone, Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±16g) and Grove - Variable Color LED are used with your Beaglebone Green Wireless(BBGW). And we will create a simple breath LED application with 3 simple python script.


01 How to use Grove Base Cape for Beaglebone

02 How to use Grove - Variable Color LED

03 How to use Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±16g)

04 Combination


Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±16g)
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Grove - Variable Color LED
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SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green Wireless
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Grove Base Cape for Beaglebone v2.0
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Micro USB Cable - 48cm
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