BBGW starter tutorial#5 Where are you?

34405Published On Jun 20,2016 22:51 PMshare5

Want to know your location using your own DIY device? Here is the tutorial about developing a GPS project on BeagleBone Green Wireless!

This tutorial is to introduce how the Grove - GPS can be used with your BeagleBone Green Wireless(BBGW). And we will create an application which shows your position information on OLED, with a simple python script.


01 How to use Grove - GPS

02 Combination with Grove - OLED Display 0.96”

03 Improvement


Grove - GPS
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Grove - OLED Display 0.96''
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SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green Wireless
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Grove Base Cape for Beaglebone v2.0
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Micro USB Cable - 48cm
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