Automated Watering of Potted Plants with Intel Edison

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Automated watering of potted plants with Intel Edison... A Moisture Sensor detects the low moisture content of soil and activates the water pump or the solenoid valve which controls the flow of water. When the required water is pumped to the plants, the sensor automatically stops the pump / solenoid valve. It is a repeat process.

This is one of my original proposals submitted to Intel IoT Invitational where the Instructables HQ team seeded about 300+ community members with specially bundled kits under different themes. I was awarded a kit under"Environmental & Agriculture".

The Intel Edison is based on Arduino Uno. I was new to Arduino and Intel Edison. So, when the first batch of recipients were announced and I got an email from instructables that I was wait-listed, I felt relieved. The reason being that I need not get into the process of something new which may take a month or two to learn even the basics. But when I got another mail that my proposal has been selected under"Environmental & Agriculture"I was happy. I am a learner, so Immediately I started my learning process, browsing through related websites, forums and collecting resource material. It took me almost two months to come to a beginner's level and I can proudly say that I can do small projects with Intel Edison and develop my own simple Arduino code for such projects.

I have tried my level best to make this instructable as simple as possible with multiple steps explaining everything involved in this project so that anybody can replicate and use it in their home.

Regarding the parts and materials required, instead of posting all of them in one step and scaring away the readers, I have broken down the material requirement and combined them separately with the relevant steps.

Please watch the video and go through the instructable. Your comments and valuable suggestions for improvement are most welcome...

Step 1: Setting Up Intel Edison

Step 2: Other Hardware You Need With Intel Edison

Step 3: Assemble Grove Base Shield and Moisture Sensor With

Step 4: Arduino Code For Testing Moisture Sensor

Step 5: Test With Garden Soil To Determine Required Moisture

Step 6: Protective Enclosure for Edison Board and Accessorie

Step 7: Arduino Code For the Setup

Step 8: Tools Required

Step 9: Electronic Components Required

Step 10: Technical Details of Bipolar Transistor in Our Circ

Step 11: Selection of Diode in the Circuit

Step 12: Simple Circuit to Control Water Pump

Step 13: Bread-Board Your Circuit

Step 14: Test Water Pump

Step 15: Test the Circuit With Water Pump Connected to Edsis

Step 16: Make the Circuit With Perforated Board

Step 17: Female Pin Headers For the Circuit

Step 18: Complete and Label the Circuit

Step 19: Make Long Sensor Cable

Step 20: Protective Case For the Moisture Sensor

Step 21: Plant your Favorite Flowers

Step 22: Accessories for Pipe Connection

Step 23: Pipe Line Connection to Plants

Step 24: Assemble Water Pump

Step 25: Power Supply and Adapters

Step 26: Assemble Edison With Water Pump

Step 27: Make Connections and Test

Step 28: Bottom Line


Intel® Edison
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