Arduino Motion Tracking: Glove controlling 3D model

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Originally written by Dejan Nedelkovski

This was my Mechatronics Final Year Project at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Skopje. It objective was to develop a device that will enable interaction of real arm movements with 3D computer models. I integrated three different fields in one device, t.e. mechanical, electrical and computer engineering:

  • Solidworks to design the 3D model that represent the movements of the arm.
  • Arduino Mega 2560 card for connecting the real world with the computer.
  • MATLAB / Simulink to program the control of the 3D model

In the next video you can see a presentation of the project. This is its content:

  • An Introduction. Here I briefly talk about the Mechatronics as a field of study which enabled me to develop this kind of a device.
  • The Arduino Mega 2560. Some basic features of this Arduino Board which I used in this project.
  • 3D Models in Simulink Environment. How to transfer 3D Model from Solidworks to Matlab / Simulink using the SimMechanics Link.
  • Development of the device. Here I talko about the components that I used to build the device and how they work, as well as the Simulink Model, the program that is running on the Arduino Board and enables the interaction between the real world and the computer

Parts used in this project

Circuit schematic of the device

The 3D Model

The MATLAB / Simulink Model


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