Arduino BoomBox

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An Arduino UNO will be used to control the Grove Serial MP3 player by sending it specific serial commands. The Grove Base Shield allows for the easy connection of Grove sensor modules to an Arduino UNO without the need for a breadboard. A sliding potentiometer, switch and button will be connected to the Base shield along with the Serial MP3 player. A specific function will be assigned to each of the connected sensor modules to provide a useful interface: Sliding Potentiometer = Volume control. Button = Next Song. Switch = On/Off (toggle).Once the MP3 module is working the way we want, we can then build a simple enclosure for it. Grab a shoe-box, print out your favourite design, and make your very own Arduino BOOMBOX!

Step by Step Introduction


Grove - Slide Potentiometer
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Grove - Universal 4 Pin 20cm Unbuckled Cable (5 PCs Pack)
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Grove - Button
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4xAA Battery Holder
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Grove - Base Shield
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Grove - Switch(P)
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Grove - Serial MP3 Player
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