Anti-cat countermeasures (kind of)

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Welcome to the first Arduino related Instructable of my whole life, courtesy of Instructables and Mediatek Linkit One.

I have to be honest: I am not a very Arduino person but more a simple-bots maker. Even I still see persons who are skillful in Arduino as some kind of techno wizards. But after some weeks, when I finally completed and debugged my first sketch, I thought"Mmmm... interesting!", and when it finally worked in the Linkit One, I shouted"YEAH!"like I have created the atomic bomb.

But I have a big problem: our cat Cringer loves to turn my workshop into a mess. I stand up one single moment, and he jumps over the table, play with the electronic components and spread them all over the home. So I thought my first project had to be some kind of electronic guardian with non-lethal weaponry that keeps my cat out of the area.

Cringer hates four things: vacuum cleaner, sprays, hairdryers and a broken bubble gun I got from one nephew. My cat hates when I aim the bubble gun to him, not because the bubbles (that function doesn't work anymore), but because the sound of the blower and maybe the air coming from it.

So I got this awesome battle plan:

  1. Hack the gearbox of the bubble gun to have to actions: blower and small catapult (modifying the water pump).
  2. Create a"gun turret"to install the bubble gun.
  3. Install the Linkit One with an ultrasonic sensor, to detect proximity of the cat.
  4. When the sensor detects movement, the turret will deploy two countermeasures: defensive (the blower will work, annoying the cat) and offensive (the catapult will launch a plastic ball, so the cat gets a more interesting target to chase out of the workshop).
  5. Workshop protected.
  6. Mario is happy.

Did it work? Well, not in the way I was expecting...

Step 1: Materials

Step 2: Disassembling the Bubble Gun

Step 3: Transforming the water pump into a better gearbox

Step 4: Mounting for the gearbox

Step 5: Catapult

Step 6: Turret feet

Step 7: LinkIt One case and gun stand

Step 8: Electronics and Arduino code

Step 9: Completing the turret

Step 10: So... did it work?


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