Another Land, Interactive Video Installation, 2017. Kuflex Studio (Moscow,Russia)

Another Land is an interactive video installation created by Kuflex Studio ( especially for its solo exhibition in the Media Art Abrau gallery.

The installation is a kind of magic game and fairy tale. The luminous forest  is inhabited by amiable flying jellyfish, soft spiked balls (pointy sea urchin type creatures) and giant live flowers. It's quite easy to make contact with them: come to the screen, and the  silhouette will turn into a light wave. 

Silhouettes of people are read with depth cameras located along the wall. Silhouettes and flight paths of the balls are processed using a program written in openFrameworks. The original algorithm developed by Kuflex provides for the interaction naturalness. The three-dimensional scene is rendered by Unreal Engine (graphics engine) using custom Kuflex plug-ins. They can be accessed at

About Kuflex Team

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