An Art Installation:Walking tower

TheNetwork Party showcased a collection of both Chinese and western poetry on their art installations. The installation was a tower which used 276 cubes and is designed to be easy to disassemble and move to a new location. The cubes were hollowed-out and allow you to view the crowds of people walking across the street.
Slow down and read slowly – take the meaning of these poems into yourself and then share word by word to those around you. Or send a message from your phone via text to display on the tower allowing you to share your ideas and thoughts with the audience who pass by. The instillation also is able to play music for the audience when the occasion is right.

The Network Party is an imaginative cross-media creative studio.
They focus on the exploration and practice of interactive design, event design, digital device and space interaction experience. It is their core idea to cross media restrictions and integrate design with user experience as the center. They have the experience of a complete process from development, design to production, and follow the integration of online and offline experiences. They are dedicated to creating a seamless and unique multi-media sensory experience for brands and audiences with a wider perspective and a more diverse approach to creativity.
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