An Introduction to IoT with Arduino, Node and a Plant

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This tutorial is originally created by Ditrospecta.

You keep hearing about Internet of Things and decide to search around to see what you can learn and where to start, but what you find ? A bunch of resistors you do not understand because your electronic knowledge is equal of a 5 years old kid aka none. If it sounds familiar to you I have good and bad news:

The bad: You will have to study some electronics to do even very basic things.

The good: Not today. (something explodes behind and you don't look back)

p.s: I actually don't know if the good is bad too.

I will give something to motivate you: The easiest introduction to IoT ever made ! In fact this statement is probably not true but the slogan is nice and it's really easy anyway. You won't need to use any resistors or deep knowledge about electronics. We will begin with a simple LED and suddenly your plant will be sending tweets.

To make this thing work follow me and don't try to get fancy ok ? I will list what you will need, and no you can't change nothing in the list because it's sounds like a fancy attitude and you promised to me that wouldn't happen.



Moisture Sensor

Fitting together

But where is the internet ?

Wrapping up


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