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More and More concern are being paid to the environmental air quality nowadays because the tiny granule in the around air can badly endanger people’s health. We always get the information of environment from our government department. But it’s the average value of the whole city / section. It can’t reflect the situation near by you accurately.

Is DIYing a device that can monitor the environmental air quality condition at any time a problem for you? Actually, it’s not a tough job. Here, on the desk, I just DIYed a device which can help us to get the informant about the air pollution in the room.



 This device can detect the concentration of the following ingredients of air in the room:

  • - Dust
  • - Coal gas
  • - Formal gas


In order to make this process faster and simpler, I choose to use Seeedstudio’s Grove modules and the skeleton box as a shell.

You see, it’s all made by yourself.

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Seeeduino V3.0 (Atmega 328P)
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Grove - Base Shield
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Grove - Dust Sensor
$11.50 Add To Cart
Grove - Gas Sensor(MQ9)
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LiPo Rider Pro
$14.95 Add To Cart
Lithium Ion polymer Battery - 2A
$12.00 Add To Cart
Grove - OLED Display 128*64
$14.90 Add To Cart
Grove - HCHO Sensor
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Skeleton Box 17x10
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