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Advanced Wio development series: Write your own driver for Wio !


    Seeed Studio Wio Link simplifies IoT with the easy development of applications, products and services. This open-source Wi-Fi development board virtualizes plug-n-play modules to RESTful APIs with mobile APPs. No hardware programming, breadboard, jumper wires or soldering required. Build your own IoT applications in three steps and in about five minutes. The Wio has a Wi-Fi Network Protocol of 802.11b/g/n with Wi-Fi encryption technologies WEP/TKIP/AES.
        Every one who has used Wio will be deeply impressed by its IOT features. But to make it more extensible and feasible, you need to write new drivers for the sensors that not included in the Grove family.
Now let’s enlarge the Grove family for Wio Link!

1.Write a driver for Wio Link

 Follow the instruction HERE, and write a driver of certain sensor which is not included in list of HERE.

2.Test the driver
 Test the driver and make it work on your Wio Link. Scan all the drivers into a database file then test building. Once scanning is done, the grove will be listed in the mobile app. Then you can drag this developing module onto some grove interface, then tap"Update Firmware"to test building.

3. Post your work in our community
*Post a topic in the Wio Section in our community (, put '#Wio Driver ' at the beginning of your title.
* Upload the Github link of your driver; with picture or video will be a plus.
* Brief introduction of your work


1)  $50(cost over $100) coupon for 10 gold winners with successful driver
2)  $10(cost over $50)coupon for 30 silver winners with outstanding driver but fail in the testing step    

   1 The coupon is currently only valid for one order. If you use the coupon with an unsuccessful payment order, the coupon will expire. If you encounter this situation, you need to contact us for another issue.  
   2  The coupon can not pay for the shipping fee. 

 - Submission dues on July 28(EST)
 -We will announce the winners on Aug 5(EST)

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