A Design About Bicycle Device Showing Illuminated Signals On Cyclist’s Back

Created by Azerbaijani designer Elnur BabayevCyclee is a device specially produced for cyclist’s security by night. The concept is simple, when it’s mounted on the bicycle, the device shows signals on the cyclist’s back according to his movements, which enable the other drivers to understand his intentions.

“cyclee” is a sign projector concept designed for the safety of bike riders while they are riding at night. “cyclee” projects relevant warning signs on the back of a rider. Signs change depending on the actions of the rider.
With the help of special chipset which inserted in device the entire programme can be edited wirelessly. Projected signs can be modified via mobile application and then transferred to device.
“cyclee” can be mounted to various bicycle models. The mounting part changes depending on bicycle model.

Although the industrial design is very good, the APP is also great, but I didn't say I like this product.

The point is using the Seeeduino board/Seeed Studio BeagleBone Greenboard andGrove kits, you can do better riding, get rid of your phone, and use physical buttons to control the warning signs, just like those buttons on the driver's seat.

Oh forget, led matrix t-shirts are important, but easy to implement.

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