A high precision desktop Dobot arm

104371Published On Jan 31,2010 09:10 AMshare1
Dobot is a desktop robot arm of high precision, multi-controlled, and open-source mental version.He is a desktop magician, made by cutting and CNC finished aluminum metal frame 6061. His brain is ARDUINO panel, the heart is a stepper motor, and have functions of eyes and ears.It can be placed on the desktop to interact with you and you can control it with multiple methods.What does mean high precision?The error of Dobot is only 0.2 mm, that is to say when you command it move 6 mm it will finish this job perfectly.What does mean mutiple control ?Dobot currently supports 7 methods to control the Dobot robot arm including mouse, APP, Voice control, Gesture control, Leap motion, EGG and visual identity. All the original solidworks fiels have been posted on grabCAD.

Step by Step Introduction


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