A Social Printer for Special People

67481Published On Jun 08,2017 11:11 AMshare1


A very cool project, made by the AE  of Seeedstudio. ;p

A few months ago, I made special Router for my grandpa who was once a tough guy and now suffering for AD (Alzheimer’s disease), luckily I’ve got more than 24k views and 236 Favorites and many people love it. This time I still appeal for doing some special things for special people. Today I’d like to share my latest project to you, a social artifact for special people just like my grandpa.

If a person never use the Internet, how to let him know how you getting on with your life. So I made this device for my grandpa into my life. Every time when I update my SNS, the device will print it out. So even my grandpa don’t have a SNS account, he still can access mine.



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