8 Reasons Why ESP8266 is So Popular

50592Published On Sep 09,2017 14:47 PMshare2
In the circle of Maker, It is probably no one doesn't know ESP8266, the development kit series based on the Wi-Fi chip development ,It occupy half of the sky in this two years,  even makes great pressure for other communication chip manufacturer. why will ESP8266 suddenly so popular we can not figure out ?

Indeed, the rise of ESP8266 is not familiar with the way the chip business, but the sudden emergence under the power of the community. The following presents some observation experience, it may give different thinking to the chip business .

1. cheaper!

2. Funny!

3. More compatible development environment

4.Design flexibility and enhancements

5. Learning resources are rich

6. Convenient application development environment

7. Reward incentive plan

8. Very active developer community

In conclusion


Dana Kemp
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