5 Minutes to DIY Your Own Pokemon Go Safety Badge!

48893Published On Jul 14,2016 23:39 PMshare3

Soon after Pokeman Go released, the safety issues of playing this game outdoor have drawn a lot of attentions. Players run on the street without watching traffic,even one of them fell down from bridge. It is difficult to be aware of surroundings through a camera lens while playing the game. To avoid potential hazards, I decide to make a Pokemon safety badge to trigger motor when the distance between wearer and any object is less than one meter.

It takes 5 minutes to make this project including assembling parts and uploading the code. Zero hardware background is required. Pikachu~

Step 1 Assemble Hardware Parts

Step 2 Upload Arduino Code

Step 3: Laser cut a polywood badge

Step 4 Assemble electronic part and badge


Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger
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Grove - Vibration Motor
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Battery kit-3.7V 520mAh
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