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1    MicroPython ESP8266 port v1.8.2 released

        Thread support, ESP8266 memory improvements, btree module, improved docs

2    Weekend project: ESP8266 + OLED BTC Price ticker 

        A picture of ESP8266 + OLED BTC Price ticker


3    ESP8266 Mobile Rick Roll Captive Portal

        The purpose of this project was to help me get familiar with programming for the ESP8266 and have a bit of fun.

4    'So, I made something I thought you guys might like!'

        A picture of an DIY ESP8266 SOC board

5    ESP32 Datasheet

        The datasheet of ESP32

6    Audio streaming with ESP8266

        Talking about how to make a better and a duplex solution of audio streaming with ESP8266

7    ESP8285 at 460 meters. First impressions.

        The author decided to bring a little ESP8285 board he printed right before going to Creation 2016. There was a really easy to test two points he could range test on. he decided to first check against the ESP8266, which was a little rough and the on the ESP8285 which wasn't much worse.

8    ESP8266 based plane spotter

        'When I sit at my living room table I can see wonderful big airplanes in the final approach to Zurich (ZRH) airport or ascending to a far destination: Airbus A380 or Boeing B777 are ingenious proof of what we are capable to design and build. '

9    Pinger: an ESP8266 based Internet connectivity checker/logger 

        Pinger is device which:

  • monitors Internet connectivity over WiFi by pinging a website;
  • keeps a log of when connectivity is lost and regained;
  • resets an attached router or modem through 1 “wet” (electrically powered) connection and 1 “dry” electrically isolated connection; and
  • is fully configurable via a web interface.

10    We made a Kinect-controlled robot arm, powered by the ESP8266!

        made a robot arm that can be controlled using a Kinect! The motors are powered by our ESP8266-based WiFi controller boards, running our stock firmware. All of the coding required to make this specific project work was a computer program to turn the Kinect data into motor positions and a Node.js script 

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