[Intelligent Robot contest]My mBot

Hello everyone

Some time ago, as a contest prize Seeed, I got the mbot. It was something I wanted very much since long before, and I was very happy to get it.

I have had many plans for the mbot from participating in contests followers robots line (of course would have to greatly improve mbot) to be able to teach graphical programming (scratch) applied to this robot, in schools or children of the right age .

But the first time I took the plunge, the most interested was my cat, he is very curious with every thing I have on my desk; and then also I could play a little with him and mbot (using the remote control).

And one of the ideas that came to my mind at that time was programmed to play on their own, as has an ultrasonic sensor can detect the distance of my cat, and even adding a servo motor could do play with something else (like a wire or laser, cats love it).

To extend these functions in my mbot, I have ordered on the page makeblock the necessary components, but for now this is a first version of my code.

I will improve it as you go testing with my cat, until a complete autonomy.


Thanks a lot to Seeed for my mBot, really I have many interesting ideas for these.

laurencehrAug 21,2016 00:08 AMAdd Comment


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