#idea SMS Authenticated light weight Remote File server over WiFi

Cloud file and content distribution has become ubiquitous. However there is still a gap for local authenticated but ad-hock / on-the-go kind of content delivery systems. If some one wants to share a file with others then they tend to keep it in any of the cloud storage providers such as Google drive, Dropbox,One Drive .etc. and share the link.

What if one needs to do it on the fly and that too securely ?. Like in a conference or meeting. Pen-drives / SD card - that can be possible with only few people. What if there are more than one users and not located at the same place.

This project aims to solve this 3 fold problem using Linkit One.

The Linkit One board has SD card inserted to support the development file system. The same can be used to store data files to be shared.Though bigger files can't be shared due to processing limitations, files smaller than 3-5MB can be easily shared over this system.

The computational power of the CPU MT2502A is sufficient to perform AES-256 bit decryption on the fly. This would be used to decrypt the local files and share them over WiFi appearing like a Web File Server. Only limitation being the server would be handle one file and one user at a time for download requirements. However since multiple users from any where can access the File Server and the portable nature of the project, this would be an acceptable limitation.

The WiFi subsystem would be configured such that it could connect to the local WiFi network or the LinkIt one itself becomes an access point to provide the File server functions. In case it connects to the local WiFi and has access to the internet then it can also use a secure VPN gateway to cast the file service online.

Next part is the Authentication and the ad-hock nature of the deployment.

The Linkit One would be powered using a Lithium Ion battery and can be charged using the on-board battery charger..

The authentication mechanism would use SMS for activating the specific IP address to access the files.

The administrator or the person intending to share the file only needs to register the Mobile number of the person whom they would like to share the files with. No sharing of links or credentials other than that is needed.

Once the intended sharing user tries to access the file server, they would be prompted to send out a specific code-word. This would be dynamically generated and temporarily valid over a window of 2-3 minutes before the SMS can reach the Linkit One. On the same lines a TOTP used for Oauth. This would secure the access to the File Server.

The GPS on board the Linkit One would be used to acquire GMT time data for time based authentication. After the expiration of a files file access time period (determined by the file size download speed ) the file access would again be locked out. This would prevent unauthorized access in case the user forgets to log out of the file server.

In case an unauthorized user tries to access they would fail to register as the Mobile phone number would not present in the Linkit One.

Also to monitor the access to the files Linkit One would log the individual file access and co-relate it with the Moblie number IP address of the share user.

Materials Required:

1) Linkit One

2) Grove - OLED Display 0.96'' ( Used to display status info about the Web server )
SKU: 104030011

3) SIM Card Antenna setup for Linkit One communications GPS, WiFi, GSM/GPRS

4) Lithium Ion battery 5100mAh @ 3.8V
SKU: 313020017

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