ESP8266 Vibrator Development Board and Seeed PCBA Review

by Melody26-09-2017


Takeaway: Gerald made a great ESP8266 Board using Seeed Studio Fusion PCBA service and he shared his shopping experience with the traps pitfalls of making boards, read on.About year ago I based design for vibrator development board including IMU, motor driver battery charging. The was on Adafruit ESP Huzaah, but used components Seeedstudio Open Parts ...

esp8266seeed pcba
8 Reasons Why ESP8266 is So Popular

by 109266324309-09-2017


In the circle of Maker, It is probably no one doesn't know ESP8266, development kit series based on Wi-Fi chip ,It occupy half sky in this two years, even makes great pressure for other communication manufacturer. why will ESP8266 suddenly so popular we can not figure out ?Indeed, rise familiar with way business, but sudden emergence under power ...

WIFI chip ESP8285 - ESP8266 upgrade

by 109266324327-08-2017


ESP8285=ESP8266+1M Flash。 Compared with ESP8266, it has a high temperature resistance of 125 degrees celsius! And the original ESP8266 source program can be transplanted intact.ESP-M1 / M2 module core processor using cost-effective chip ESP8285. The integrates enhanced version Tensilica's L106 Diamond 32-bit on-chip SRAM in smaller ...

micro:bit - 11 lessons to get you started

by junjia.chen27-08-2017


11 lessons to get you started with the micro:bit! Including time planning, a scheme of work five minute plans, teacher notes and program files show goal.Answering Machine#Learn basics function programming micro:bit.#To string be displayed on micro:bit LED array.5 Minute Lesson Plan (pdf) (pptx)Teacher Notes (docx)Hex FileGuess Number#Allow user ...

A Design About Bicycle Device Showing Illuminated Signals On Cyclist’s Back

by zhangxuan.org27-08-2017


Created by Azerbaijani designer Elnur Babayev, Cyclee is a device specially produced for cyclist’s security night. The concept simple, when it’s mounted on the bicycle, shows signals back according to his movements, which enable other drivers understand intentions.“cyclee” sign projector designed safety of bike riders while they are riding at ...

DragonBoard 410c: Review and Comparison with Raspberry Pi 3

by molly26-08-2017

Marketing Manager

IntroductionThis DragonBoard™ 410c based on 96Boards™specification features the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 410 processor, a Quad-coreARM® Cortex™ A53 at up to 1.2GHz clock speed per core, capable of 32-bit and64-bit operation. 96Boards is and 64-bit ARM® Open Platform hosted byLinaro™ with intension serve software/ maker embedded ...

96boardraspberry pidragonboardreview
IoT studying--MQTT protocol

by Jolly25-08-2017


IoT studying--MQTT protocolToday we introduce a common protocol for Internet of Things.MQTT,The full name the is Message Queuing Telemetry Transport.It designed connections with remote locations where"small code footprint"required or network bandwidth limited.Before introducing MQTT,we talk about what Protocol.In digital wrold,the ...

Floating, Resonating Spheres - Omura Shrine

by peng.meng21-08-2017


The spheres of light floating in Omura Shrine, contained the grounds Kushima Castle, are autonomous, shines brightly and then disappears, as if it is slowly breathing.When touched by a person or receive an impact, color their changes, they emit unique tone. resonates out to around them. resonating transmitted next one after another, spreading tone ...

Far Field Google Assistant using Raspberry Pi 3 and Respeaker Mic Array

by molly21-08-2017

Marketing Manager

Great review of the ReSpeaker Mic Array, which came out last week, from PNPtutorials on his Youtube Channel.For more information about ReSpeaker, please check up on wiki.

respeakergoogle assistantraspberry pi
How to Use Linkit 7697 to Establish Intelligent Temperature Monitoring Platform

by 109266324320-08-2017


After the rise of Internet Things, MediaTek Labs has focused on four key technical areas Things: wearable devices, smart homes, positioning and M2M. And continues to innovate a variety system-on-chip (SoCs) improve processing power in order apply more complex situations Things.Especially application home technology, security, power, ...

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